HP Deskjet 930cm Printer - replacing print cartridges

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replacing print cartridges

Before buying replacement print cartridges, verify the correct part numbers.

When a print cartridge is empty, leave the empty print cartridge in the print
cartridge cradle until it is replaced. The printer requires both print cartridges.

To replace a print cartridge:


Verify that the Out tray is down.


Press the


button to turn on the printer.


Open the top cover.
The cradle moves to the center of the printer.


Raise the cradle latch.


Lift the print cartridge out of the print cartridge cradle and discard it.

1. out tray (in down position) 2. press Power button 3. open top cover
4. raise cradle latch 5. lift out cartridge


Keep both new and used print cartridges

out of the reach of children.

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Remove the replacement print cartridge from its packaging and carefully
remove the protective vinyl tape.


Do not touch the print cartridge ink nozzles or copper

contacts. Touching these parts will result in clogs, ink failure, and bad
electrical connections. In addition, do not remove the copper strips.
They are required electrical contacts.

1. black print cartridge 2. tri-color print cartridge 3. ink nozzles 4. copper contacts–do
not touch or remove the copper contacts 5. protective vinyl tape–remove only the protec-
tive vinyl tape


Insert the print cartridge firmly into the cradle.

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Secure the cradle latch.
You hear a click when the latch is fully secured.


Close the top cover.
• A calibration page prints. The printer generates a calibration page to

test print quality each time a print cartridge is installed.

• If you are in the middle of printing and stop to change a print

cartridge, the calibration page prints after the print job is complete.

If the Print Cartridge Status light continues to blink after installing a new print
cartridge, check the part number on the cartridge to make sure the correct
cartridge is installed.

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