HP Deskjet 930cm Printer - problems with the infrared printing feature

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problems with the infrared printing feature

connection cannot be established or printer is taking too
long to print

Correct the problem by performing one or more of these options:

• Follow the instructions that came with the PowerBook to set it up for

infrared printing.

• Verify that the device is IrDA compliant. Look for an IrDA symbol on

the device or see the user’s guide for information.

• Verify that no bright light is shining directly into either infrared lens.
• Position the device no more than one meter (three feet) from the

printer. Align it within a 30--degree total angle from the printer’s
infrared lens, then verify the following:
- The device and printer are correctly aligned.
- The path between the two infrared devices is clear of obstacles.
- The devices’ infrared lenses are clean and free of dirt and grease.

infrared light is flashing

The flashing infrared light is not a signal that something is wrong with the
infrared print feature. It confirms that a connection has been established
between the printer and the laptop or notebook.

printer stopped printing

If the device is moved out of range of the printer’s infrared lens, the infrared
light turns off and the printer stops printing. Realign both devices within 30
seconds and the print job will resume.

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printer prints only a single calendar appointment

The Palm Pilot may not have an enhanced printing application installed. You
must install an enhanced printing application to print more than one calendar
appointment at a time.

See also:

infrared printing feature

If you continue to have problems, contact

HP Customer Care


An enhanced printing application may not be available in your region.

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